News update again!

We’ve seen lots of great live music in Glasgow (Jack Rose, Mick Flower/Chris Corsano and Tarpis Tula last night; Yellow Swans last week, and Amon Dude/Bridget Hayden/Ben Reynolds/John W. Fail before that) and good vibes, good food, good fun all around. Stateside, Trevor from Eyes and Arms has started a new project called Attempt (featuring Amir, one time member of Handshake Garden, and Mikey T of Warmer Milks. A wise man proclaimed that 2006 was going to be the Year of Warmer Milks [presumably the Year of the Depends Adult Undergarment has passed {that reference is for the pleasure of Ben Reynolds}] and this may be true – few have managed to hear their stunning “Rwanda” single from last year, but you should try — and their new LP Radish on Light is the most confounding thing we’ve ever heard from the most confounding band we’ve ever heard. It should drop like an infinitely dense paperweight when it surfaces. Seriously! Pay attention to Warmer Milks for no other band justifies the contradictory use of “drop” and “surface” in the same sentence.) Festivals are coming and going, the weather remains cold but not-that-cold, and the visual screen is deluged with a continual flood of Winter Olympics (even though the GB women’s curling team blew it today, Jackie Lockhart and Rhona Martin rocked our world), video mix tapes, and pixellated “Daily Show” downloads. We’re up for instant messenging if you use Jabber: say hi to Is it silly to use the collective pronoun? I can stop.

Artist news:

  • Lied Music: A collaborative LP with Boy Band Tax Returns is due out on Ultra Eczema in mid-March; the Cenotaph LP is still in the production queue with our manufacturer but we hope to see it someday. The March tour with Ben Reynolds is nearly booked (as well as a few other shows) – check the tour dates site here or the Lied Music website. Forthcoming is a collaborative CD-R with Ben, also.
  • Burning Star Core: Burning Star Core is playing the K-RAA-K festvial in Hasselt, Belgium on 4 March; Spencer is playing with Burning Graveyards and Chris Corsano at this year’s No Fun Festival; and then some other live dates coming up including the Subcurrent Festival in Glasgow in April and a UK tour around then.
  • Nalle: The Nalle CD has already been released on Pickled Egg in the UK. It will be ages before ours comes out, so you can buy it from them now cause we like Nigel. Hanna Tuulikki is leading a performance piece on Wednesday, 22 February, that features Aby and Chris with Daniel Padden and Peter Nicholson. See poster below.

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