Long delayed update

Apologies for the long delay in updating – several physical relocations coupled with a lack of progress on the release front have left this site dormant. Our production has been on hiatus but hopefully it’s starting soon, as we have a slew of records slated for release!

Artist news:

Auk Theatre: Irene has just completed the epic new Auk which is about 25 minutes long, due to be performed this weekend in Ashville. The DVD is still being worked on.

Burning Star Core: If you didn’t see the review and feature in the last two issues of The Wire, please check them out! Spencer will be performing a lot of shows in the next few months in Europe and the UK – check the Dronedisco site for more information.

Eyes and Arms of Smoke: The now out-of-print LP is slated for a CD reissue, label to be determined.

Lied Music: A UK tour is planned for the week of March 17-25 along with Ben Reynolds. Check back here for tour dates as they materialize. Luke’s new film is debuting in Glasgow on 17 February, opening at the Modern Institute. Lied Music vs. Boy Band Tax Returns, a collaboration with Mark Vernon and Barry Burns, will be released soon on the Ultra Eczema label, and a collaborative CD with Ben Reynolds should be available for the tour.

Nalle: Nalle, the most recent addition to the family, will release their CD By Chance Upon Waking on Cenotaph. The album is completed and headed towards production so we hope to see it soon. It will appear in the UK on Pickled Egg Records.

Rosenblum, Aaron: Aaron has been recording his album as well as playing shows with Sapat in the Louisville area.

Scatter: The CD version of The Mountain Announces will see the light of day any time now, on the Blank Tapes label. Sadly this will beat the vinyl release by some time. Their album of traditional folk songs is due out on VHF sometime.

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