Mid-summer update

Hi! This weekend if you can make it to Buffalo, NY, please say hello – Spencer Yeh of Burning Star Core plays with Pengo on Saturday night, while Sunday brings sets from Eyes and Arms of Smoke and Son of Earth (as well as many other great artists – more info here). Also, on Friday, Eyes and Arms of Smoke, Spencer Yeh and Aaron Rosenblum will be performing in Columbus, OH at Casa Gameboy (167 E. Tulane).

The August Eyes and Arms/Auk Theatre tour is nearly completely booked; please say hello at any of these dates as well! The Eyes and Arms of Smoke LP, A Religion of Broken Bones is due out any day now, as well as the Burning Star Core double CD, Mes Soldats Stupides. We are also proud to announce that Cenotaph will be releasing the vinyl issue of the second Scatter LP, The Mountain Announces, hopefully later this year.

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