Hi! Here’s an update on what our artists are doing:

Eyes and Arms of Smoke – They just played a fantastic show with Josephine Foster in Lexington, and the album artwork is finished. The records are due back from the pressing plant any day. The tour with Auk Theatre in August is shaping up, and dates will be posted here soon. There is a new cassette release on Rampart also.

Burning Star Core – Spencer performed at the Victoriaville festival with an all-star cast; he also has a new Burning Star Core release due out on Hospital. Mes Soldats Stupides is currently in production, and trust us, it’ll be worth the wait!

Arco Flute Foundation – Their posthumous release Everything After Everything After the Bomb is Sci-Fi is out on the Music Fellowship now. This is a collection of remaining recordings and live tracks from the later lineups, and is available in beautiful handmade packages.

Lied Music – The Lied Music LP has been completed and is now ready for production. Rude Pravo (Luke Fowler of Lied Music’s other project) just performed at the Le Weekend festival in Glasgow.

Aaron Rosenblum – Aaron just moved to Louisville and he is to begin recording his solo LP for Cenotaph this week. He has also joined Sapat and will be touring with them in early August. He just released a solo CD-R on his label, Hank the Herald Angel.

Auk Theatre – There’s a surprise Auk Theatre show in Brooklyn this weekend – see the live dates on the right. Auk Theatre is going to be bringing their absurdist theater to several other cities in the next two months, and then will be touring with Eyes and Arms of Smoke in August. Irene Moon (leader of Auk Theatre) will be hosting a workshop at the Lexington Music Festival in late August. The majority of filming for the forthcoming Cenotaph DVD has been completed.

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