Guignol – Angela, David and the Great Neopolitan Road Issue

Guignol - Angela, David and the Great Neopolitan Road Issue cover

listen: “Invisible Sports”

[Buy it!CD, released October 2003.

Jeremy Barnes, Laurence Coleman, Aaron Moore. Recorded in Saumur, France in 2001 and Leicester, UK 2002-2003. With special guests Nick Mott and Korena Pang.

Collaborative work between Aaron Moore and Laurence Coleman (Volcano the Bear et al) and Jeremy Barnes (Bablicon, A Hawk and a Hacksaw, Neutral Milk Hotel) mixing melodic songcraft with outsider weirdness.


  1. of houses and canals
  2. a gourd question
  3. invisible sports
  4. angela and david
  5. discover guignol’s band
  6. the fly machine passes
  7. snore scene
  8. the great neopolitan road issue

“…Guignol are Jeremy Barnes, and Aaron Moore and Laurence Coleman from the excellent Leicester group Volcano The Bear. Together with special guests Nick Mott (also from VTB) and Korena Pang they have devised an astonishing dream world of sound distortion and hallucination that puts its shoulder to the imagination and breaks down the Huxleyan doors of perception. Hovering drones, ritualistic vocal chants, stripped down bouts of improvisational chatter and clatter, and even snoring are playfully and purposefully scattered through a remarkable invention that is forever changing shape and direction. Guignol’s grand meltdown of English and European folk styles, jazz, nu-improv and progressive rock may read like a sprawling mess, but mysteriously it works on every level and deserves to be heard…” – Edwin Pouncey, The Wire (October 2003)

“…Guignol is a relatively new project comprised of Jeremy Barnes (of Bablicon, Neutral Milk Hotel and more recently Broadcast) and Volcano The Bear members Laurence Coleman and Aaron Moore. Given the personnel involved it’s not surprising that we’re served an intriguing and brave sonic statement that transcends most conventions there are, finding their own favorite vista on some secret island with the futuristic ocean on one side and the historic on the other. Gently disturbing outsider folk, muffled clusters of soundscapes, weird samples, clattery percussion, fractured noises, introspective drones and carnival-esque sound collages make up a record packed with emotion, intimacy and sheer brilliance. Of Houses And Canals is particularly great; offering a whispering, submerged collage of aural imagination and fragmented dreams but then Invisible Sports also proves to be worth the price of admission. It’s a track based on a traditional Slavic tune and if the original is anything like this in terms of mystical feel I just know I’ll be tracking it down. It’s a quiet aural collision that shimmers, drones, swells and vibrates in a similar manner as for instance Kemialliset Yst�v�t, and you know that’s a great compliment around these parts. Many of the carefully layered compositions are piano or accordion-based with percussion, horns, bells, dulcimers and samples filling in the blanks. These guys know though that this sort of recording benefits from keeping certain things unsaid, thus providing an abstract mood of reverie and melancholic bliss to the proceedings. There’s no point in running to your local record store just yet as this amazing little disc from Guignol won’t be officially released until mid-October, but when the fall foliage is in its full grandeur there’s absolutely no time to be lost. Angela, David And The Great Neopolitan Road Issue is unquestionably one of 2003′s finest recordings…” – Broken Face