Scatter – Surprising Sing Stupendous Love

Scatter - Surprising Sing Stupendous Love cover

listen: “alternations of pasture and urban conurban”

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Scatter (on this recording):
Rebecca Ashton, Kenneth Broom, Matt Cairns, Chris Hladowski, Nick McCarthy, Alexander Neilson, Stephanie Hladowski, Oliver Neilson (with Morag Wilson). Recorded in Glasgow by Brendan O’Hare, May 2003.

From Glasgow, Scatter is an 8 or 9 piece group combining cornet, flute, megaphone, drums, bouzouki, guitar, saxophone, upright bass, harmonium, and whatever else fits into their melodic yet free improvsongs. A constantly shifting group that dabbles in jazz, folk (european and egyptian among other forms), rock, and the avant-garde, this album captures Scatter as they sounded in May 2003.


  1. orbling
  2. national magic
  3. adventure = equation
  4. alternations of pasture and urban conurban
  5. maroon
  6. go down joe downey, part 1
  7. make the time
  8. a confused dialectic

“Scatter’s exuberance probably owes much to their collective dynamic … harnesses the loose feeling of communal experimentation akin to that of the various groups involved with the 1960s and ’70s free jazz scene … Scatter’s sensibilities tend toward structured improvisation and the adoption of diverse musical forms and instruments, from the celebratory jazz of Charlie Haden’s Liberation Music Orchestra to the musical traditions of Eastern Europe and the British Isles, invoking the primitivist-modernist compositions of Bela Bartok along the way … ” – Alexander Provan, Dusted

“Scatter’s mix of intelligently composed and arranged music and sheer energy is hard to ignore. The group manage to make smart, adventurous, accessible music that pleases the feet and the brain equally …. Their live show, I can only imagine, must be a whirling dervish of a grand time, for simply listening to the disc makes it impossible for me (not one known to do much dancing) to keep various appendages still, even when listening on headphones at work.” – Adam Strohm, fakejazz


  • Surprising Sing Stupendous Love, Cenotaph
  • An Angel Above You All, VHF (forthcoming)