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New releases

The latest releases are available directly from Cenotaph here.

Car Commercials Car Commercials
Judy’s Dust LP

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ALSO! Special handmade “art” editions, limited to 25 copies, are available here (and here only). These can be purchased via Paypal as a pre-order – they will ship as they become available on a first-come, first-serve basis until they are gone.

Stores and distributors

You may also find our current titles from these sources.

USA: Eclipse, Forced Exposure, Fusetron, Rocket Reducer, S-S Records, Soft Abuse, Time-Lag, Tomentosa
Canada: Scratch
Europe: Conspiracy, Ikuisuus, Release the Bats, Soundohm, X-Mist
United Kingdom: Alt.Vinyl, Boa Melody Bar, Cargo, Monorail Music

Old releases

Due to our international relocation, our releases from 2000-2005 are no longer directly available from us. Copies are still lingering about in various places – your best bet may be to Google some titles and see what you come across. Sorry!