Car Commericals – Judy’s Dust

Car Commercials - Judy's Dust LP

listen: “babe’s out of luck”

Judy’s Dust is the debut full-length LP by Car Commercials of New Brunswick, New Jersey. Here, the duo of David Sutton (Friends and Family, Current Amnesia, Ladderwoe) and Daniel DiMaggio (Home Blitz) expand on the rock/mumble strategies from the self-released Jar 7” (Leaf Leaf, 2006) and a couple cassettes kicked around the New Jersey underpasses. Contains twelve songs of missing spaces, too much Center Ice, drums and wires, varispeed recording techniques, and facing backwards – all from the other side of the E Street. Limited to 300 copies including 25 with handmade cover art.


  1. Down on the curtains
  2. 190
  3. made love to a diamond
  4. jenny in the attic
  5. babe’s out of luck
  6. The Devils
  7. Mechanic
  8. Collida and Jimmy
  9. the investigation
  10. the flood / powderkeg
  11. In the tube
  12. tell me why i don’t like mondays


“Fluttering tape speeds, young anxiety, musty late night UHF horror, broken instruments, glass, unfamiliar living rooms, broken folk art, pushbrooms, the middle of the workday, and precociousness. Daniel from Home Blitz and David from Friends and Family return with an album and it’s one of the more fucked-up slabs I’ve encountered in a while. Nothing so much as the resemblance of a song until near the end of the first side, when three seconds of the lead melody of the Easybeats’ “Friday On My Mind” creeps in, then a busted version of “I Don’t Like Mondays” to close side two. Intentional yet spontaneous, this reminds me of the feelings of dread and confusion I first experienced upon listening to that I Hate the Pop Group boot years back, a feeling I wasn’t sure I wanted to revisit. Thrust upon me in this fashion, I can only say that you will hear something new in Judy’s Dust with each repeated listen, the result of deliberate weirding and unlearning how to learn how to unlearn. The dollar weakens with every spin.” — Doug Mosurak, Dusted

“I loved the Car Commercials 7″ debut from last year, but I must admit, the prospect of them fucking around trying not to play music for a whole 40-45 minutes seemed a little daunting. Until I put it on. Turns out these two have really mastered whatever it is that they do, something like playing pure shambling bedroom noise in which punk songs that can’t help but bubble up in stray places before they quickly pop and dissipate. What remains is brackish noise/improv/whatever water filling up most of both sides and somehow it sounds better than ever. See also 90s Siltbreeze, i.e. Dead C and Shadow Ring at their most perverse.” — Blastitude

Car Commercials’ debut full-length Judy’s Dust marks another album that exists outside of easy classification. Comprised of Home Blitz’s Dom DiMaggio and Friends and Family’s David Sutton, the band breezes through disembodied, hermetic insider visions of mental illness. Their sloppy, noisy instrumentation garners comparisons to a looser Shadow Ring but the overall feel on the album feels more like a male version of Suckdog’s Drugs are Nice. The album follows up the duo’s cassette trilogy with a cleaner but no less odd sound.
On Judy’s Dust, the band records things falling apart—clinking junkyard percussion mapping out nothing in particular, warped keyboard transmissions from a burned out basement, garbled, mentally ill vocals. The tunes snag elements from the Jandek handbook—abstract character sketches, drums from another astral plane—but, in all, the band’s rhythmic collapse proves more tuneful. Some of the album sounds like a child recording himself with his mouth too close to the microphone while one of his friends holds down keyboard keys and another bangs a cymbal. It may sound like any child could construct this album but Dimaggio and Sutton piece together the mess with an abstract artist’s keen sense of the line between inspiration and retardation.” – Apples and Heroin

“Car Commericals seem to feed ‘n feast on a particular lost part of my youth, specifically the fuzzy grey area I encountered just after hearin Jad Fair’s ‘Zombies Of Mora-Tau’ for the 1st time. Listenin to the ‘Judy’s Dust’ lp it’s as though them zombies which seemed so menacin & filled w/ petulance didn’t wander too far from home but seemingly procreated & encouraged their spawn to go forth & if not conquer, well, at least be a nuisance to the status quo. Let’s face it, zombie college is expensive but then what college ain’t these days? Um, so…….yeah, Car Commercials come across on this 1st lp like charmed replicants w/exact DNA to match Jad’s mythical zombo’s of yore. True, this generation’s ‘disturbance’ might seem mellower, but somethin tells me if you scratch a little harder there’s a hornet’s nest of dread under there that’ll stand your hairs on end while your runnin for the hills. So go on, dig deeper. A case’ve the creeps can only do you some good.” — Siltblog