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Thanks for your interest in the label. We welcome correspondence of any type – whether it be complaints, praise, criticism or anything else. Due to the amount of spam we’ve received, the address (which has been in use for about six years) has been shut down. We regret to do this, but you will have to use this form to contact us.

If you are interested in submitting your demo recording to Cenotaph, please keep this in mind: we are a very unmonied label, and currently undergoing a bit of restructuring. We have released records that we received as demos (most notably the Scatter CD) but this is a rare occasion. In the rare chance that we do want to put your record out, it will likely take a very long time for it to actually get to the manufacturing stage. However, we love music and would be curious to hear anything you would like to send to us. The only thing we can promise is that we will listen to it, and try to give you our thoughts. Please keep in mind the type of music that we release – generally we are not interested in hardcore/punk, metal, indie rock, pop, singer-songwriter music, or hip-hop – but we love all types of music and like to think that there’s something a bit genre-defying and iconoclastic about everything we’ve released. Please do not email us offering mp3s or asking us to look at your myspace page; these enquiries will be ignored.

If you are a journalist or writer interested in receiving promotional materials from Cenotaph: please understand that our profit margin ranges between zero and negative, and that we generally are very particular whom we sent out promotional copies to. In a large pressing CD release (1000 or more copies), we will attempt to service college radio stations. For a limited, vinyl pressing, we will maybe send out 10 promo/review copies, and that’s it. As the future of the label leans more toward vinyl, our promo list is likely to remain small and centered around people we have had working relationships with. However, please don’t let these warnings stop you from getting in touch if you have anything you’d like to share with us!

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