Burning Star Core – Mes Soldats Stupides

Burning Star Core - Mes Soldats Stupides cover

listen: “bronze colleen under the kitchen floor”

Double CD.

Burning Star Core is C. Spencer Yeh.

Born in Taiwan but now based in Cincinnati, OH, C. Spencer Yeh has been releasing LPs, cassettes and CD-Rs under the Burning Star Core moniker for over a decade. While primarily known as a violinist, Yeh is focused on developing a personal vocabulary using “anything that can or can’t make a sound” – which often includes voice and electronics.

While the live version of Burning Star Core performs as a group (when possible), Yeh has worked extensively on his own. The recordings on Mes Soldats Stupides span just under a decade, collected from an assortment of now hard-to-find releases (many on his own Dronedisco imprint, but also on labels such as Gods of Tundra, Gameboy and Chondritic).


  1. I Wanna Make a Supersonic Woman Of You (2003)
  2. White Swords in a Black Castle (2003)
  3. The Act of Sitting With One’s Own Ass (2003)
  4. Three People (1995)
  5. Bronze Colleen Under the Kitchen Floor (2004)
  6. BxC LA (2001)
  7. Crysscass/Female Convict Scorpion/Crysskyss (2003)
  8. To Spread Your Dying Flower One Last Time (2003)
  9. Tell Me Something (2004)
  10. Rehearsal Excerpt (2002)
  11. Organic Silver #8 (1996)
  12. Live at Gameboy Compound (2003)
  13. Blood Lightning Pt. 7 (1996)
  14. Live in Oxford, OH (2002)
  15. Unfinished/Guitar Solo (2003)
  16. Studio Recording (2001)
  17. C [edit] (2001)
  18. SGH 5.10.02 [excerpt] (2001)
  19. Schaefer (1998)
  20. The Point of Departure is Not to Return (2003)
  21. Everything 2000 (1998)