Earth Trumpet

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CD, released March 2001.

Laurence Coleman, one member of Volcano the Bear, works solo here in this attack on music. Dark, confusing, and very very strange, this hallucinatory work is a masterpiece of outsider/experimental music.

“There’s a hell of a variety here. The disc blasts off in an avant-space rock realm with repetitive strumming acoustic guitar and piano, that culminates in a freakout including sci fi space synths and a heavy jam bit that recalls early grungy Guru Guru. Think jamming Krautrock meets avant garde experimentalism. There’s also lots of good fun whimsical zaniness making for a collage-like manic run through one brief theme after another. I like the bit where what sounds like a Hammond alternates with crazed space-at-the-circus synth mania and then launches into a raw chamber music segment. Gongs, bells, and more of that gorgeous heavy pulsating Hammond sound continue to crop up as the classic sounds of the 70s meld with a free-wheeling improvisational feel that sees Coleman developing short themes that segue both seamlessly and abruptly from one endless section to the next.” — Jerry Kranitz, Aural Innovations