Microwaves – System 2

Microwaves - System 2 cover

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CD, released April 2002. Co-released with Version City records.

Microwaves: David Kuzy, Stephen J. Moore, J. Roman. Recorded by Andy Wright at +/- studio. Mastered by Carl Saff.


  1. camera bloody camera
  2. le cachot
  3. spare parts
  4. deutchland daycare
  5. $90 babies
  6. new addition
  7. the bad american
  8. police business
  9. 1983

“System 2 is the band’s erratic, noisy answer to the last three years of America’s greatest turmoils, terrors, and paranoia …. Their means of spreading their message is forty minutes of chaos that sounds like a post-rock, Devo-ish version of Unsane — in other words, something very creative and loud. The noises here seem random yet intentional, a guitar/ bass/drums set-up soaked in digital teasings and loops and occasional samples ….” — Kevin White, Splendid E-Zine

“(((Microwaves))) are like a fantastic cross between the taut tension wire and staggering guitar playing of Arab on Radar and the insanity of who the fuck knows where they get these ideas keyboard playing of the Lowdown …. incredibly confrontational and intense, almost horrific at times … The songs are totally a fucked up mess …. you’ll learn something about the nervous system of a bull from the album front and back cover.” — Sincere Brutality