Back from tour


The Lied Music/Ben Reynolds tour completed successfully – thanks to everyone who helped out with shows, and everyone who came to see us. It was a really wonderful time! We are tired.

Nalle have recorded a radio session with John Cavanagh that will be airing on Radio Six at 7 PM GMT on Sunday, 2 April.

There’s not a whole lot else to report – apart from Irene Moon of Auk Theatre moving to Talahassee, away from the Lexington home that birthed the Auk. Good luck to her! The new Scatter album is apparently out soon on the UK label, though we’re not sure what is going on with the vinyl production. Apart from a few live shows from Burning Star Core and Eyes and Arms of Smoke, there’s not much to report. Aaron Rosenblum’s band Pleasant Colony is making their debut soon. The Lied Music/Boy Band Tax Returns collaborative LP should still be available from some online sites.

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